On the Subject of...Incongruous Things.

Driving home today I was at a red light next to a big ass truck. Don't ask me what type of truck it was. It was big. An f-ing Dodge Big Ass Truck. And it had a body kit on it. A really kind of douchy one. Picturing it yet? Sweet rims too. And it was all graphic'd out...you know as if someone had been able to put an Affliction t-shit and a Tap Out hat on it.... Picturing it harder now? Oh yeah -- and there was a sound-system. A big ass one. I'm thinking a few twelves, maybe a subwoofer or ten...a few tweeters...and maybe like a hundred sixes. I don't know.

What I do know is that it was a massive sound-system. Like so many watts that the driver (admit it, you already have a picture of him in your head you prejudging prejudger) would lllllliterally have to turn down the volume in order to accelerate. Oh, and all of those - let's say 1,500 - watts were working hard to pump out the sweet, sweet angelic voice of Taylor Swift.

I looked over at the driver and was surprise to find he was a middle-aged, slightly chubby, slightly balding man wearing glasses and a polo shirt. He just sat there waiting for the light to turn, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time to the music, blissfully unaware of anything else around him and I was struck by the odd juxtaposition of all of those elements. That's when I learned a valuable lesson about snap judgments and discovered that humans, no matter how much I see in this world, can still surprise me.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in,


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